Wednesday, June 4, 2014

JUNE 2014

June is undoubtedly the most challenging month for maintenance of the golf course.  We've already exceeded June's historical high with a high of 105 on the first Tuesday of the month.  These record high temperatures force the turfgrass to respire using up carbohydrate reserves to cope with summer stress.  These weather conditions pose an even greater challenge for our course in particular because our turfgrass is predominately cool-season.  Cool-season turfgrass growth tends to diminish as temperatures rise above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

In order to adapt to the changing seasons and weather patterns, our fertility and watering practices must change.  Since the beginning of 2014, it is our goal to prepare the turfgrass for the extreme weather conditions we have in the summer time.  To explain it in the most simplistic way, we focus on growing a strong healthy grass that is fertilized and irrigated properly, and aerated to reduce compaction and allow air into the soil.  All of these efforts are to encourage root and shoot growth which will increase the plants ability to recover from stress faster.

On another note, we continue to move forward on course improvement projects.  Our latest focus has been on re-mediating poorly drained areas around the greens.  The past four weeks, we've managed to install over 22 drains!  Our work continues with a few more areas around the course and the practice facility.  Our direction after the drains will be adjusting irrigation spacing around the greens to ensure the most uniform coverage on what is, without doubt, the greatest asset to any golf course.  

If you have any questions regarding maintenance practices on the golf course or ongoing projects feel free to email or visit our facility for help.  

Enjoy the golf course and play well,

Bo Cichuniec
Head Golf Course Superintendent

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The past few months have been very busy on the golf course.  The beginning of spring has been a challenge for us due to cold overnight temperatures combined with prolonged winds.  Weather conditions the past few weeks have slowed turf growth down considerably and recovery from aerification. 

Most of our agronomic practices have been accomplished and we continue to make progress on projects.  We have moved on to drainage improvements around green surrounds.  Also, evaluation of our maintenance practices are being done on a daily basis to better manage nutrient and irrigation inputs for turfgrass health and playing conditions.  Data collection is currently being done on soil conditions, irrigation efficiency, and energy usage to make needed changes for the long term success of golf course operations. 

If you have any questions regarding our maintenance practices or ongoing projects before your round, please contact the golf shop for assistance.
Have fun and play well,

Bo Cichuniec, GCS

Monday, February 3, 2014


The temperatures are starting to drop below freezing here at Red Hawk.  An important factor we have to watch out for during the winter season are frost delays.  Frost delays can be an inconvenience not only for our maintenance practices, but it also keeps us from getting play out early.  It’s very important to keep in mind that when frost forms on the course, we have to keep foot and cart traffic off or risk damaging or potentially killing the turfgrass.  We appreciate your understanding and recommend to always check-in with the golf shop for any delays or golf cart rules before you tee off.We are happy to report that we are on track with our course improvement projects.  We plan to utilize every moment of our winter season to improve playing conditions to keep Red Hawk a premier golf course.  For further updates on course conditions and ground under repair please contact the golf shop.    

-Red Hawk Golf Course Maintenance  


On the agenda for the month of November, The Red Hawk Golf Course Maintenance Team is preparing for winter-time projects.   These projects will include drainage improvements around greens, inside sand traps, and in selected fairways.  We will also be continuing our sand trap edging and maintenance program throughout the winter.   We expect to perform these projects with as little disruption to play and will keep everyone informed with our progress. 
As we make the transition from fall to winter, we can expect to see playing conditions change.  The turfgrass growth will naturally slow down with lower temperatures.  Frozen temperatures will cause the course to firm up and speed up slightly as a result.  We ask for everyone’s help to repair ball marks and replace divots during their rounds.  If you have any questions regarding course conditions or projects going on around the course feel free to contact us through the golf shop. 
We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to the months ahead.

-Red Hawk Golf Course Maintenance  


We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful golf weather Las Cruces has to offer.  The golf course benefited from a wet September providing lush playing conditions.  We are striving to keep our regular maintenance practices on schedule while making your golf experience enjoyable.  We always appreciate your patience with this.  Our focus going into the colder months will be re-establishing weak turf areas.  Our primary work will be on #5 fairway, were you can already see some of our progress.  Other areas include high traffic areas around #1 and #9.  These spots and other key areas around the course will be marked as ground under repair until the turf is fully established.  If you have any questions regarding our maintenance practices don’t hesitate to talk to us on the course or contact us through the golf shop.

Play well and have a wonderful Red Hawk experience,

The Red Hawk Maintenance Team


The Red Hawk Golf Course Maintenance team is looking forward to a very busy Fall.  We plan to utilize these perfect weather conditions to continue our efforts to become a premier golf destination in New Mexico.  During the next few months you can expect to see some of our more aggressive agronomic practices to help alleviate soil compaction and improve overall turfgrass health.  These efforts will ensure more consistent quality playing conditions year round.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding for the sustainability of Red Hawk.  Another effort we are striving for is improving the golfer’s experience by making playable native areas around the golf course easier to find those stray shots we have from time to time.  We will also be restoring our notorious sand traps to their original beauty. 

As always, we enjoy serving our members and guests and hope you enjoy your time here with us.               

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's time again for our regular Spring greens aerification!  which means we will be punching holes in the greens to give them a much needed breath of fresh air after a long and strenuous winter.  Greens aerification is a very common practice done on golf courses all around the world to maintain high quality playing surfaces.

Aerification serves as one of the most vital agronomic practices we as golf course managers can do to maintain a healthy stand of turfgrass to handle mechanical stress caused by foot traffic and golf course equipment.  As well as the extreme desert climate conditions through the hot Summer months.

A question that I am frequently asked is, why do we punch greens this time of year when the greens are growing so nicely?...

The answer is dependent on the type of turfgrass you are aerifying.  Here at RedHawk, our greens are made up of Dominant Plus bentgrass.  Bentgrass is most actively growing in the Spring and Fall seasons, which makes this time of the year ideal for the greens to make a safe and speedy recovery.  If we were to perform these types of mechanical practices during periods of heat stress in the summer or slow growth in the winter, then we risk turf lose or prolonged recovery time of the holes.

Our scheduled dates for aerification will begin this coming Monday the 15th in the afternoon on the practice facility greens.  Tuesday, The front nine will be closed for aerfication while the back nine will remain open for play.  Our final day, Wednesday, will switch to a back nine closure for greens aerfication and the front will re-open for play.  By Thursday all 18 holes will be open for play.  Below are the dates to note for next week;

4/15 - Practice facility greens in the afternoon
4/16 - Front nine closed for greens aerifcation (Back nine is open for play)
4/17 - Back nine closed for greens aerification (Front nine is open for play)

We thank you for your understanding and patience with all of our efforts to make RedHawk Golf Club a fun and enjoyable golfing experience.

-Your Maintenance Team